Collector Opens Salvador Dalí Museum in Monterey, California

The surrealist legend lived in the city for seven years.

This might come as a surprise, but the Spanish surrealist legend Salvador Dalí now has a museum fully dedicated to his oeuvre in the city of Monterey, California. Called Dali17, the private museum opened its doors to the public on July 8.

“Why Monterey?”, you might wonder. Well, Dalí lived in the Californian city for over seven years, fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe. He resided mainly at the Del Monte Lodge (now the Lodge at Pebble Beach), where, in typical Dalí style, he worked on his art while throwing fabulous parties for A-list guests including Walt Disney, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Andy Warhol. The hotel was located on 17 Mile Drive, hence the museum’s name.

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